Welcome to KAO.
Upward and onward.

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A message from the founders

Welcome to KAO

Since its humble beginnings in September of 2012, KAO has achieved great things with our incredible aeronautics program here at Kent. Growing to become one of the largest student organizations in Kent State University, we have fostered a growth in quality and variety of services for our members to utilize in their pursuit of knowledge and refinement.

Our members include the BEST of Kent Aeronautics, from air traffic controllers to pilots to airport managers. Members can expect a great deal from this organization. They can expect the best efforts of staff and leadership to deliver the highest quality and detail of information, as well as the best opportunities for expanding members’ knowledge-base. This student organization is designed to help students grow to become aviation professionals, with an all-encompassing understanding and intuition of aviation that sets Kent State University above all other schools for Air Traffic Control.

The philosophy here at KAO is one of professionalism, dedication, camaraderie and collaboration. KAO is an organization of people who work together to create an incredible environment of learning, improvement, and enjoyment of all things air traffic. We invite you to become a member of this remarkable organization and see why so many KSU students use the motto that we hold so close to our hearts, our motto… “Upward and Onward.”


The “Founding Fathers” - Scott Waite & Erik Quinn

“To most people, the sky is the limit. To those who love aviation, the sky is home” - Anonymous